Sunday, April 20, 2008


Was lucky enough to find a gorgeous specimen of a PUFF ADDER (or HOG NOSE) snake in my backyard!!! These snakes are really neat! They are non-poisonous and basically harmless, but they can look really mean when threatened. This one is demonstrating for us how they puff out their heads to look like a Cobra. And they HISS a lot too!

The funny thing about them is that after they show you how mean they can be, they proceed to

flop over on their BACKS(!) and pretend to be dead! If you try to turn them back over they will re-flip themselves and keep faking it, writhing and gasping just like they are dying! They are something to see. Of course we didn't harm this little guy, (who was actually quite BIG) but we did move him to a less traveled area of the property. Yes, he lived to hunt another day!

......On a milder, somewhat sweeter note,

the INDIGO BUNTINGS have returned to central Texas!!!! Yea! They are migrating through and we, of course, are lucky enough to get them stopping over on their way to wherever they go for the summer months. They started appearing yesterday, (April 19, 2008). We hope to have them for at least a few more weeks. This is the second year they have visited our feeders and they are welcome back anytime. They really add a splash of color don't they ??!!! And if you are ever privileged enough to hear them sing to you, you will hear this delicate yet somewhat complicated finch-type song that is pretty extraordinary. It is hard to describe but when you hear it, you will know something special is going on up in the trees! I managed a video clip for your viewing pleasure. Until next time, enjoy your adventures in nature!